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Striping, Layout, and Design
Sealcoating | Striping | Asphalt Repair | Crossroad Striping | Alabama

We can meet your needs, the needs of your customers, or of your facilities by providing expert Striping for parking lots, athletic fields, roadways, entrances and exits, travel lanes,  playgrounds, ADA requirements, loading docks, fire lanes, visitor or reserved parking, numbered spaces, drive-thrus, churches, office buildings, municipalities, organized events, directional markings, and much more.

Installation and Repair

Sealcoating | Striping | Asphalt Repair | Crossroad Striping | Alabama

We provide the materials, tools, equipment, and knowledge necessary to install, repair, and maintain all commercial and privately owned properties.  We provide signage for travel directions, restricted areas, ADA requirements , and general information.

We provide and install Bumper Blocks made from concrete, rubberized and colored blocks, or hardened plastic materials. We also install, fill, and paint Bollards to protect areas, limit access to restricted areas, or serve as the base for sign post.


 Sealcoating, Crackfill,and Patching,
Sealcoating | Striping | Asphalt Repair | Crossroad Striping | Alabama

We provide Alabama and surrounding Southeastern States with expert Sealcoating, Crack fill and Asphalt Patching services. One of the most common reasons that a parking lot fails is water damage. Keep  expensive repairs to a minimum with a specific plan for your property, from Crossroad Sealcoating and Striping.

​One of the best ways to protect such a valued investment is preventive maintenance.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Sealcoating | Striping | Asphalt Repair | Crossroad Striping | Alabama

We will custom build a plan designed to meet ​your specific and unique needs while keeping in mind your budget.  We know that each property is different and, therefore, requires different services.  Some properties may need simple dressing and scheduled maintenance, while others may need a complete overhaul with special attention to problem areas.

We want to meet  your exterior needs.  We provide pressure washing services for curbs, sidewalks, or entire lots.Chemical treatments for oil or gas spots, as well as leaf, pine straw, trash, and debris removal.  

Installation of Traffic Patterns and DecoMark Material

                                   Traffic Patterns and DecoMark are Registered Trademarks of Ennis-Flint

TrafficPatterns™ is a durable preformed thermoplastic pavement marking material used primarily for streetscape and traffic calming purposes on public roads and private properties.....Maximize traffic guidance, reduce sign clutter, increase brand awareness, enhance community pride, and promote school spirit with durable preformed thermoplastic horizontal surface signage that is engineered to last 6 to 8 times longer than paint, and even longer in areas with only pedestrian traffic. DecoMark® design and color combinations are virtually endless.
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